“Ne’er cast a clout ’til May be out”

The old saying is so true…  but the unprecedented weather and circumstances this year has seen many sporting a suntan that is usually only achieved by late summer here in the UK  !!

So every cloud does have a silver lining, as it’s so fortunate this wreched pandemic hit us at a time of good weather, rather than during the torrential storms endured only a few weeks previous.

On the brighter side, our gardens are blooming and veg patches and allotments are beginning to sprout with ‘Hope’  …

Stay Alert,  Stay Positive and  …  Stay Safe  !!

Still in Lockdown !!

Well, a month on from our last Post and we are all still in Lockdown  !!

However, the daily news is becoming more and more encouraging that these strict measure are at last beginning to have a positive effect…  only time will tell  –  but fingers are firmly crossed  !!

In accordance with the Government’s directive, the Lightworks Clinic is obviously still  closed until further notice and therefore all Appointments and Laser Therapy Courses are on hold.

With regard to our Courses, and in case this lockdown is continued longer term, we are looking at ways to perhaps introduce On-line Courses and will send out details as and when these come to fruition.   In the meantime it is hoped that the Autumn programme might still stand, although again confirmation will be given in due course.

Lastly, we hope you are All safe and well during these very uncertain times, but just to add that we are always here to answer any questions or queries you may have  –   whether that be for yourself, your family or your animal companions and what you can do to  help at home  –  or even where to get sanitiser  !!

Stay Home,  Stay Safe…  Stay Sane  !!

Spring IS here ….

Amid the horrifying world news about the spread of Coronavirus, it is uplifting to see that, for the rest of Nature, life is continuing as ‘normal’, or is it ??

Watch this clip showing how animals and birds are responding to the slow down in human activity world wide …..

and more locally in the UK  ….


Three weeks in India ….

Wow, what a way to kick-start the New Year…

The end of January found me flying off to volunteer in India  –  Laser in hand  – to help out with the aftermath of the Uttarayan Kite Festival in Ahmedabad.

Each year thousands of birds get caught up in the kite strings of these colourful and mesmerising lethal ‘toys’.  Thankfully the Jivdaya Charitable Trust  is on hand to take in these casualties.  However the numbers involved mean that volunteers and vets from both India and all over the world are welcomed to help fulfil the needs.

Read my account in  –  To Ahmedabad and Back …

Or view the photos on the  –  JCT Gallery

New Clinic Window Art !!

We are delighted to unveil the Lightworks Clinic new window art  ….

Not only does it make it more easy to find us …..

but, being able to dispense with the blinds, means the space inside is now much more bright, light and airy  …   and even more discreet   !!

Together with a new canopy over the entrance door and a revamp to the interior, the Clinic now feels more complete…


360˚  Internal video is in the making  –  watch this space




Acupuncture for Knee Osteoarthritis

Interesting article for all sufferers of knee arthritis out there  ….

Acupuncture for Knee Arthritis

Dongzhimen Hospital and Puxiang Hospital in Beijing has recently published research into the effectiveness of Acupuncture for treating osteoarthritis of the knee.  Researchers treated joint dysfunction and pain successfully with abdominal acupuncture in their multicentre study

Click on the photo above for more information   …

At the Lightworks Clinic we offer both Traditional Acupuncture and ‘needle-less’ Laser Acupuncture, together with the tissue healing effects of Laser Therapy, to help treat osteoarthritis  ….  wherever the pain is felt


The Butt stops here …..

Who knew  ……

Just one Cigarette Butt has the potential to pollute 200 litres of water  !!

This astonishing fact, when multiplied by the number of Butts in the two 1.5L bottles above  –  collected over a period of just two hours  –  have the potential to pollute  something like 160,000 Litres  …

that’s  35,000 GALLONS

And we thought our problems were all about Plastic !!!

The Good News is  ….

The Lightworks Clinic can help you Quit Smoking


Photobiomodulation … What ???

Photobiomodulation    ….     It’s a bit of a mouthful, but this is the ‘new’ word that is now used to define all Therapies that use Light as their medium.    Thankfully it is more often than not abbreviated to ….  PBM  !!

Read the Review in the latest edition of the journal  Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine and Laser Surgery   written by its Editor-In-Chief, Michael Hamblin

The new wording however, does not change the way light works and interacts with  every  cell in the body.

Photobiomodulation  (aka  Laser Therapy) succeeds directly because of its intricate interaction with tissue  –  it supplies energy, in the form of photons (packets of light energy) to cells that are compromised  –  whether stressed, injured or diseased  –  and is used to help heal wounds, control infection, strengthen tendons and ligaments or mend fractured bones.

In more detail ….
In their normal state, cells already use bio-photons from the cells’ own DNA, not only to communicate with each other, but in the manufacture of ATP (Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate)  –  which is the energy cells need in order to do their ‘job’.
PBM  doesn’t ‘mask’ what’s wrong with the cells, nor does it take their job away like some drugs do….  it merely offers compromised cells  ‘energy’  –  in a form the cells already know how to use  –   thus allowing them to function to their optimum level.

It is only a change in name, the Therapy stays the same  –  however PBM does more accurately describe the effect light has on tissue …..

  Photo (light)  –  Bio (of the body)  –  Modulation (adjustment)


So there you have it  !!