Stop Smoking


13th March 2019


Quit Smoking

A course of four treatments over two weeks


The whole body is reflected in Acupuncture points on the ears.  These points relate to all the body’s functions and organs and can be stimulated to ease pain, help with an assortment of disorders, suppress appetite or, as in this instance, to relieve withdrawal symptoms from nicotine addiction.

Painless stimulation of these points, using a Low Level Laser, does not pierce the skin but is as effective as Traditional Acupuncture needles.

Special steel pellets may be placed on the points to help control and reduce cravings  in-between treatments.

By the second treatment, if appropriate and by agreement, some traditional acupuncture (still using the Laser) may be prescribed to calm and reduce tension, irritability or anxiety that may be being experienced by having given-up smoking.


Any smoker who has decided to stop can benefit from Ear Acupuncture.

However, if they are under stress, for example having recently suffered a bereavement, emotional upheaval, or are in a stressful working or home environment, they may be in a difficult position to give up without specific help to come to terms with and/or reduce those levels of stress.  In such cases applying the principles of constitutional Traditional Acupuncture can be very effective.


After discussing an individual’s particular case with the practitioner, four initial treatments would be carried out over a two week period  –  with each session roughly half an hour  –  which would include a commitment to complete the whole course, together with an up-front payment for all four sessions prior to the first treatment.


8 Hours                                                                                                                                  During that time your Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate will have started to return to normal and your hands and feet will feel warmer.  Blood oxygen levels will be normalising and your chances of a heart attack will have started to decrease

A Day                                                                                                                                       Your lungs will have begun to clear out mucous and other debris

Two Days                                                                                                                              Your body is now free of nicotine.    Yours sense of taste and smell has already improved

Three Days                                                                                                                            You can breath easier as your bronchial tubes have relaxed.    You have more energy as you absorb more oxygen

2 Weeks – 3 Months                                                                                                              Your whole circulation has improved dramatically, making physical tasks easier

3-9 Months                                                                                                                            Your breathing is calmer, less coughing and wheezing.    Lung function has now improved by between 5 – 10%

Five Years                                                                                                                            Risk of heart attack has now fallen to around half that of a smoker

Ten Years                                                                                                                              Risk of Lung Cancer is half that of a smoker.    Risk of Heart Attack is now as low as a Non-Smoker


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