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The Data Protection Act 1998 requires every organisation that processes personal information to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), unless they are exempt. Failure to do so is a criminal offence.

Under the new GDPR regulations, which come into force on 25th May 2018, organisations are required to give each of their clients the option to agree to their personal data being securely kept, or to be deleted in a safe and secure manner.

The Lightworks Clinic

Suite 8, Westend Courtyard, Grove Lane, GL10 3SL

ICO Registration Number :   A8270584

The Lightworks Clinic holds personal data under the following conditions :

  • Only such data will be collected and stored as necessary to fully determine the correct course of treatment
  • Data will only be held for a statutory required minimum time. The British Acupuncture Council require that client data be kept for 7 years, unless the patient is a child, when records are to be kept for 7 years after they attain the age of 18,  ie 25 years of age.   After which period any redundant records or personal information will be appropriately destroyed.  An individual can request to see all data and notes held by the Clinic or to have those notes destroyed, at any time.
  • Hand-written records are securely stored and only accessible by our clinical team.
  • Any electronically stored data is held offline on separate hard-drives.
  • Some authorised third party services, including Mailchimp, may from time to time be used for important clinical services.
  • None of these services access our information for any marketing or sales use.
  • Sharing of information with any other third parties only happens when authorised by you.
  • Such sharing may include reporting back to your GP or insurance company and will never be given to any company looking to gain by accessing your personal data.
  • Periodically we may use your contact details to send you information about new treatments, services, courses and Lightworks Clinic news.

Clients, patients and students may use either of the following Options :

To ensure continuation and secure storage of your Personal Data

Whilst we will be sorry to see you go, activating the Opt Out button will ensure all your Personal Data will be deleted and destroyed and no further contact be made with you from The Lightworks Clinic

Thank you for your prompt response.

~   The Lightworks Clinic Team   ~