2021 Courses & Events

Announcing the 2021
Lightworks Laser Therapy Courses
Now available  ….  ONLINE !!

Current dates for the remainder of the year are as follows, but additional courses may  be added from time to time :

Veterinary Laser Therapy (2 Parts)
LLLT Theory   –   Sunday, 1st August
Equine Application   –   Sunday, 8th August
Canine Application   –  Sunday, 15th August
(please note,  LLLT Theory applies to both Equine & Canine)

Human Medical Laser Therapy Course (4 Parts)
Parts 1 & 2  Sunday, 31st October
Parts 3 & 4  Sunday, 7th November

Introduction to Laser Acupuncture
Veterinary Ac Theory  –  Sunday, 3rd October
Equine / Canine Ac Application  – Sunday, 10th October
Human Ac Theory & Application  –  Sunday, 28th November
(please note,  Veterinary Ac Theory applies to both Equine & Canine)

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In the meantime, please be assured we are still working in the background and should be delighted to hear from you  –  so please contact us with your queries, thoughts, requests or suggestions for any other Courses you would like to see arranged

Stay In,    Stay Safe,   Stay Calm


Whatever your requirements  …..

One-to-One  or  Group
Half Day  or  Full Day
Laser Therapy training is available through 

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