Medical Thermography helps ‘see’ the problems   …  

Thermography, or Digital Infrared Imaging (DII),  uses heat emitted from the body to ‘see’  tissue damage  –  such as congestion, infection, compression or the effects of nerve damage  –  and provides a non-contact means by which such assessments can be made

Digital Infrared Imaging is also increasingly being used to assist in Breast Screening  –  for more information on this and the imaging service offered at the Clinic click the image below  …

Since Thermography is often able to pick-up anomalies up to two weeks before clinical symptoms occur.   It is, therefore, a useful tool  –  whether used with human or animal clients  –   to initially assess and help pin-point the exact location of an injury or condition and then to administer DII image-guided therapy,  where thermal images are used to identify precise areas for treatment.

Working together with doctors, consultants, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, multi-disciplinary therapists and veterinarians  –  Thermography helps to give a clearer ‘picture’ of underlying issues that may be the cause of prolonged or unexplained symptoms  –  is can also be used to monitor the effectiveness and progress of treatment.

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The Lightworks Clinic now offers Full Body Imaging and Reporting 

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