2016 Laser Therapy Course Dates

Dates have now been finalised for the Human, Canine and Equine  2016 Laser Therapy Courses    –   together with our  Introduction to Laser Acupuncture Courses  for Canine and Equine.

The full list of dates can be viewed under the Courses & Events page

The  Laser Therapy Courses  gives an introduction to Laser, it’s interaction at a cellular level, the choice of equipment and a comprehensive guide to its application in each of the specialist fields, with examples and illustrations   –  drawn from 25 years of experience.

The  Introduction to Laser Acupuncture  Courses  –  Canine or Equine  –   offer students an in depth understanding about Acupuncture and its principles, before guiding them through the use and location of points that can be easily and effectively used, either as stand alone points or incorporated alongside other therapy modalities.

Course numbers are small, to aid individual attention and learning, with refreshments and lunch included.

Email or phone for full details …  !!!

07712 778378        info@lightworksclinic.co.uk