Thank your Lucky Stars …

As promised  –  Five Lucky Stars hung on The Lightworks Clinic Christmas Tree during the St Lawrence’s Church Christmas Tree Festival have been chosen to each receive a FREE Therapy Session at the Clinic during 2018 !!

Congratulations to  …
Sally Jo

The lucky winners will shortly receive an email of confirmation  … and we look forward to meeting you all at some point during the New Year !!

Christmas Thoughts …

During the St Lawrence’s Christmas Tree Festival in Stroud this year, an invitation was given to write on Stars, place at the base of the Lightworks Clinic tree, and hang them up on the tree

The following are some of those Thoughts, Wishes and Dreams  …

Olympia   –  Merry Christmas  (drawing of a cat)

In loving memory of ar great grampy x     Poppy + Elsie x

Grampy, I will always remember you.  See you in heven   Bella xxx

To Kirt,  Merry x-mas    Love from all of us  xx

I  (heart)   mum

In loving memory of grandad.  Although you are dead I can still feel your presence among me

love Desi

Miss you Elly    Theo

Dear Dave   have a very merry xmas    Love Max

Antie Doss   I Love and Miss You       from Cara  xxx

Merry Christmas to all !

Sancoo for presoos

I love you Nan

Eve    Thank you

Nancy    Love you

Leila     Love you


Great Grandad Ray       I (heart)  U    you will be dearly missed

I hope you have a nise crisms

Healthy & happy     Baby  

Eve     I love you

Miss you my beloved Des,  God Bless you    Wifey

Merry Xmas   Shine bright this Christmas   love you always    Jade x

Dear Chessi and Max love you my dogs  See you I heaven     X  Shania

Olivia (heart)    I love you

For Peter   love you always xxxx

Happy Christmas from Alexander

I wish I will get to spend Christmas with my family

Mum   Missing you  Love Jill Sheila

Dear Miya Houward   have a very happy Christmas   Love Georgia

My dear great grandmother you were such a good person xx   see you I heaven    xx  Hara

Mere crismus

My Mum x    From Shania        (three stars)

This star is grampy Alan   Shining bright this xmas   love  lay bay

In loving memory of Nader, Dad and husband  always be missing you

Barney (dog)  Miss you  (heart) (heart)     Chloe

I Love You Mum

And finally, a special best wishes to this last troubled soul who simply wrote  …..

‘I hate you’     –      sincere hope that you find happiness this coming year

Best Wishes to One and All
for a Fabulous 2018 !!!