Supporting ‘Keeping Abreast’

Keeping Abreast, South West

Breast Cancer Reconstruction Support

Through it’s association with  Keeping Abreast’s South West Branch based in Cheltenham
The Lightworks Clinic is delighted to offer support to
women, of all ages and at all stages,
who have been affected by the consequences of Breast Cancer

At the Clinic we use a combination of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and both Traditional and ‘No Needle’ Laser Acupuncture, together with Thermographic Imaging.  Used individually or in combination these modalities can help with

  • Immediate post trauma Tissue Healing
  • The easing of old scar tissue, tightness and adhesions
  • Constitutional support, to help with what has, or is, happening
  • The provision of Thermographic on-going breast monitoring

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and here to learn more about Keeping Abreast South West