7th ISSR Conference



7th International Symposium on Stallion Reproduction  


Well, what a jolly interesting Conference                             this turned out to be  …

Not only  …   delighted to have passed the rigorous review process in order to be selected to present an Abstract at the Conference on last year’s published research on  the  …

 “Use of Thermography for Functional Evaluation of Stallion Scrotum and Testes” 

 ISSR Poster

But also  ...   for the opportunity to listen to top speakers in this field  –  including the incomparable Dickson Varner, Sue McDonnell, Nancy Ing, Tom Stout, ChrFighting Illiniistine Aurich, Charley Love, Tom Long, Igor Canisso … the list is endless  –  the whole Programme was jam-packed with interesting people and progressive ideas !!

Hosted in Illinois by the College of Veterinary Medicine,  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, with the opening Reception held at the famous ‘Fighting Illioni’ Memorial Football Stadium  –  the whole Symposium kicked off to a great start !!