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Images from the 2020 post Uttarayan Kite Festival….  however I am not going to fill this page full of injured or amputated wings and feet, but rather give you a flavour of the variety of Species treated whilst I was there …



Thousands of pigeons are injured and maimed each year …



These are some of the ‘Lucky’ Kites…..   that are on the way to recovery and are awaiting re-release

But it is not just pigeons and kites that become entangled   –   no species of bird, from big to small, are immune from the danger ….

Painted Stocks and Flamingos

Booted Eagle and Barn Owls


Pelican and Ibis

Fruit Bats  …  this little guy had string right round his neck and a broken wing !!

Red-wattled Lapwing


Comb Duck and Ruddy Duck

The most beautiful Peacock …. !!

Peregrine Falcon and lots more Ibis

….   Absolute Bliss

On the road to recovery  –  the Pelican’s first dip post surgery

Followed by a bit of a preen ….

Apologies, this page to be completed shortly  ….

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