Thank your Lucky Stars …

As promised  –  Five Lucky Stars hung on The Lightworks Clinic Christmas Tree during the St Lawrence’s Church Christmas Tree Festival have been chosen to each receive a FREE Therapy Session at the Clinic during 2018 !!

Congratulations to  …
Sally Jo

The lucky winners will shortly receive an email of confirmation  … and we look forward to meeting you all at some point during the New Year !!

Christmas Thoughts …

During the St Lawrence’s Christmas Tree Festival in Stroud this year, an invitation was given to write on Stars, place at the base of the Lightworks Clinic tree, and hang them up on the tree

The following are some of those Thoughts, Wishes and Dreams  …

Olympia   –  Merry Christmas  (drawing of a cat)

In loving memory of ar great grampy x     Poppy + Elsie x

Grampy, I will always remember you.  See you in heven   Bella xxx

To Kirt,  Merry x-mas    Love from all of us  xx

I  (heart)   mum

In loving memory of grandad.  Although you are dead I can still feel your presence among me

love Desi

Miss you Elly    Theo

Dear Dave   have a very merry xmas    Love Max

Antie Doss   I Love and Miss You       from Cara  xxx

Merry Christmas to all !

Sancoo for presoos

I love you Nan

Eve    Thank you

Nancy    Love you

Leila     Love you


Great Grandad Ray       I (heart)  U    you will be dearly missed

I hope you have a nise crisms

Healthy & happy     Baby  

Eve     I love you

Miss you my beloved Des,  God Bless you    Wifey

Merry Xmas   Shine bright this Christmas   love you always    Jade x

Dear Chessi and Max love you my dogs  See you I heaven     X  Shania

Olivia (heart)    I love you

For Peter   love you always xxxx

Happy Christmas from Alexander

I wish I will get to spend Christmas with my family

Mum   Missing you  Love Jill Sheila

Dear Miya Houward   have a very happy Christmas   Love Georgia

My dear great grandmother you were such a good person xx   see you I heaven    xx  Hara

Mere crismus

My Mum x    From Shania        (three stars)

This star is grampy Alan   Shining bright this xmas   love  lay bay

In loving memory of Nader, Dad and husband  always be missing you

Barney (dog)  Miss you  (heart) (heart)     Chloe

I Love You Mum

And finally, a special best wishes to this last troubled soul who simply wrote  …..

‘I hate you’     –      sincere hope that you find happiness this coming year

Best Wishes to One and All
for a Fabulous 2018 !!!

Phew, 2017 – what a year so far !!

Well, I thought last year flew by  …  but 2017 hasn’t slowed up yet  !!!

Monthly highlights so far  …

January   started with a flurry of training sessions around the country  –  from Devon to Lancaster to Maidstone, with many other places in between  –  largely Omega Manufacture Training, for those who had bought, together with on-site veterinary courses at practices who wanted greater in-depth knowledge of LLLT application.

February  began with a trip down to Howletts Safari Park, Hythe, Sussex.  Having consulted with them for almost a year regarding one of their Eastern Black Rhinos, they purchased a Laser for in-house use  –  so it was great to set up a course for the vets to discover the multitude of conditions they could use their laser on.

Towards the end of the month I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the ACPAT Annual Conference, to not only highlight the benefits of LLLT, but to also start a discussion on the current ‘hot topic’ of Class 3B vs Class 4  –  a really interesting Conference, with great speakers and informative discussions.

The month finished with a quick trip down to ZSL, Regents Park to discuss a troubled Tapir  –  it’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it !!

March    saw the start of the Omega Equine yearly courses over in Newmarket  –  always a lively weekend which brings together people from all aspects of the equine world  …  with much networking and discussion, particularly surrounding the now popular Friday evening ‘get together’ !!

More courses, this time here at The Lightworks Clinic, together with a bespoke course held in Cardiff for Innermost Healthcare, Ash Tree Private Medical Clinic  –  a fabulous clinic dedicated to women’s health and already achieving great results with LLLT.

The month concluded with another invitation to speak  –  this time at the  NAVP Conference, Warwickshire  –  a smaller but friendly and dedicated group of practitioners.

April   found me winging my way over to Sydney, Australia for the month  –  principally to see my son  …  but I did take the opportunity to pop to the Gold Coast see my colleague Monica Stratford and run an LLLT course for her staff at Total Essence, Paradise Point  –  a lovely wellness clinic in a heavenly part of the world !

May  back home  …  but only for four days before flying over to Berlin for two weeks to carry out stallion research at the dedicated Freie University Reproduction Center  –  Pferdezentrum Bad Saarow 

This was a ‘full on’ project from dawn to dusk on 24 hour stand-by  –  principally because May is the height of the foaling season … patience was delightfully rewarded with the birth of  ‘Bilbo Baggins’,  the tiniest, cutest little Shetland pony !!   However, our time was not all spent ‘cooing’ over the latest arrival  – sound and detailed research was undertaken during that fortnight … so watch this space for the outcomes later this year !!

June    saw more training courses around the country, from Sidmouth, Whittington and Sussex (again), together with the June Omega Newmarket Equine Course  –  quite a quiet month really !!

July  –  started with the Lightworks Canine Weekend of Canine Laser Therapy and Canine Introduction to Laser Acupuncture courses,  followed by two trips down to the Southampton and Bournemouth areas for more Manufacturer Training.

However, the really exciting event in July was being approached by International Avian Vet, Dr Neil A Homer-Forbes,  BVetMed Dip ECZM(avian) FRCVS, to join him next January out in South Africa at VULPRO  –  a dedicated rehabilitation center for injured vultures  –  so there will be  more on this unique project over the months to come  …

In the meantime, take a look at the work they are already doing to save this critically endangered and absolutely essential eco-species from extinction  …



7th ISSR Conference



7th International Symposium on Stallion Reproduction  


Well, what a jolly interesting Conference                             this turned out to be  …

Not only  …   delighted to have passed the rigorous review process in order to be selected to present an Abstract at the Conference on last year’s published research on  the  …

 “Use of Thermography for Functional Evaluation of Stallion Scrotum and Testes” 

 ISSR Poster

But also  ...   for the opportunity to listen to top speakers in this field  –  including the incomparable Dickson Varner, Sue McDonnell, Nancy Ing, Tom Stout, ChrFighting Illiniistine Aurich, Charley Love, Tom Long, Igor Canisso … the list is endless  –  the whole Programme was jam-packed with interesting people and progressive ideas !!

Hosted in Illinois by the College of Veterinary Medicine,  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, with the opening Reception held at the famous ‘Fighting Illioni’ Memorial Football Stadium  –  the whole Symposium kicked off to a great start !!




July 2016 … Two additional Canine courses !!


CLRT Jacket Logo

Because of demand we are pleased to announced the addition of two more Canine Courses this year ….

30 July 2016                  Canine Laser Therapy Course

31 July 2016        Introduction to Canine Laser Acupuncture

Both to be again held at  The Lightworks Clinic

For more information, Booking Form, directions, etc

Please  Contact:    

07712 778378

BMLA Course Approval

BMLA Banner


We are delighted to announce the British Medical Laser Association has given its approval to our Human Medical 3B Laser Course  !!

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has a strong and published history that stretches back over the last 40 years, with more research added each month.  It has a wide and varied application from the ability to help heal open wounds, skin problems, soft tissue injuries, muscle, tendon, ligament and bone and is becoming widely used by doctors, dentists and chiropodists, as well as by an increasing number of therapists from all disciplines  –  who find it adds an extra dimension to their already established techniques.

However, whilst the effects of LLLT are now widely praised, a comprehensive knowledge of the mechanisms of Laser’s action at a cellular level, together with an in-depth understanding of its mode of application, are necessary in order to achieve best and consistent results.

This two day course covers Laser Protocols, Principals, Class 3B Core of Knowledge, Physiology, Theory together with examples from a range of Applications  –  all of which provides the grounding for the safe and practical application Low Level Laser Therapy over a wide range of conditions..

The next course is on  23rd – 24th September 2016
Contact the Clinic for more details  07712 778378

Can’t make that date  …  keep an eye on our  Events Diary page new dates added regularly !!


To find  more out about the work of the BMLA visit :

No Smoking Day

Quit Smoking

National No Smoking Day
Wednesday, 9th March 2016
Today could be the start of something … BIG !!!
Facts about giving up :
                                  –      Your skin will look younger
                                  –      Food will taste and smell better
                                  –      Your immune system will be more effective
                                  –      Your hearing will improve
                                  –      Cuts will heal quicker
                                  –      Your breath will smell fresher
                                  –      Your back will ease
                                  –      Your whole family will benefit
                                  –      You will have much more energy
Recognised to be as effective, if not more so, than patches …
four Acupuncture sessions over an initial two week period can break through those painful early stages of quitting, by helping to moderate cravings and refocus attention at those difficult times.
Let Laser Acupuncture help take the stress out of Giving Up.
Call for more details … and create a new beginning !!
07712 778378


Acupuncture Awareness Week 2016

It’s that time of year again …


7th – 13th March 2016

is once again upon us  …  and there’s a Special  AAW 10% Discount  available when booking  –  just quote  AAW16  !!!

This year’s emphasis is on Sport and Musculoskeletal Injuries  ..   just in time for the Rio Olympics, but even more appropriate for us here at  The Lightworks Clinic 

Our specialty is in helping to resolve Sports and Tissue Injuries using the properties of Low Level Laser to deliver non-invasive, drug-free treatment for all types of injury  – whether open wound, soft tissue, muscular, tendon, ligament or fracture, spinal injuries and paralysis.

Low Level Laser Therapy is a first line treatment modality –  it is recommended, gentle and safe to be given immediately after injury in order to help resolve inflammation and start the healing process  –  unlike some other modes of treatment that suggest waiting until the inflammatory phase has passed.

Laser Acupuncture  is based on the same Principles and Laws as Traditional Acupuncture, but using Laser’s aseptic, non-invasive, painless properties instead of needles.   Literally  … ‘All the Wisdom of Traditional Acupuncture,  without the Needles’  

Used in conjunction, these two modes of Laser Therapy have proved to be highly effective in resolving injuries and speeding the whole healing process, at the same time as strengthening the tissue involved  –  in The Lightworks Clinic this is backed by 25 years of experience in the field.

Remember  …  the earlier the treatment,  the better the results !!

Call to discuss any particular problem

07712 778378




2016 Laser Therapy Course Dates

Dates have now been finalised for the Human, Canine and Equine  2016 Laser Therapy Courses    –   together with our  Introduction to Laser Acupuncture Courses  for Canine and Equine.

The full list of dates can be viewed under the Courses & Events page

The  Laser Therapy Courses  gives an introduction to Laser, it’s interaction at a cellular level, the choice of equipment and a comprehensive guide to its application in each of the specialist fields, with examples and illustrations   –  drawn from 25 years of experience.

The  Introduction to Laser Acupuncture  Courses  –  Canine or Equine  –   offer students an in depth understanding about Acupuncture and its principles, before guiding them through the use and location of points that can be easily and effectively used, either as stand alone points or incorporated alongside other therapy modalities.

Course numbers are small, to aid individual attention and learning, with refreshments and lunch included.

Email or phone for full details …  !!!

07712 778378