“In an age where ‘seasons’ blur and down-time merely indicates ’a change’ rather than ’a rest’, we humans place an extraordinary burden of stress on our ever willing equine athletes”

Janet Lloyd-Jones

Horse's muzzle being treated with Laser

Over the past 28 years  Laser Acupuncture and Laser Therapy together have provided a unique and powerful combination to assist the healing of injuries from  …

Wounds (Open, Chronic or Infected)
Soft Tissue Injuries (Cracked Lips, Mud Fever, Bruises)
Tendon & Ligament (Tears, Sprains and Strains)
Muscles (Spasms, Fatigue, Injury)
Fractures (Green Stick or worse)
Abscesses (Teeth or Hoof)
Infections (Anywhere)
Hoof or Head problems

to name a few of the more common conditions treated, but the Therapies have also successfully been used to help the more unusual  ….

Low Libido (in Stallions)
Tail Regrowth (Post tissue damage)
Horner’s Syndrome (even months after the initial incident)
Splints (a longer term commitment, but even old splints can be greatly reduced)
Chronic Sinusitis  (often reducing the need to insert a drain)
Facial Nerve Damage (results dependent on severity)


Veterinary approval is sought prior to any
animal treatment


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