Burmese Python
This 9 foot female had recently undergone surgery to remove a batch of infected eggs.  However the infection had spread throughout her body, she was not eating, losing weight and, as you can see, also losing her skin patternation.




This is her two weeks after the application of Low Level Laser Therapy




Serotine Bat
Bats are often caught and their delicate wing membranes torn

This is a tiny bat was treated with LLLT to strengthen the wing repair and help the tissue to regain some of its original elasticity


Burmese Python

LLLT being applied after a foreign body had been removed

Madagascan Ground Boa

Infection had entered through a surgical wound on the belly  –  evidenced by the inflammed colouration through the skin

Two weeks post LLLT, infection gone and wound healing well






Ousterlet’s Chameleon  (Furcifer Oustaleti)
This little chap had an on-going infection in his lower jaw, which started to be ejected by his body after Laser Therapy
           Before  Treatment 





      After two weeks






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