As in all other areas of Laser Therapy, this modality can be used safely and effectively across a wide variety of Avian conditions.

Here are a few examples where Laser Therapy has helped…

White Back Vulture
(VULPRO, South Africa)

This White Back Vulture was found caught in a gin-trap, which had completely shattered her right leg


Avian Vet, Dr Neil Homer-Forbes, conducted over two hours of surgery to fit a comprehensive system of fixators


LLLT  was used to help with the recovery process

Three weeks later   …  obviously not completely recovered yet, but weight bearing, feeding well and interested in Life again…  she was almost ready to be moved out of isolation

 Read more about the work undertaken with these amazing birds in South Africa at the VULPRO  Vulture Rehabilitation Centre           


African Grey Parrot

Previous damage to the right foot resulted in pressure sores, the shortening of two toes, scarring and contraction  –  resulting in an inability to stand on that foot, or grip with it.

The above images show Before and After effects of treating with LLLT

Positive results …    NO his toes didn’t regrow, but he was able to balance on one foot,  and use it to hold food


Yellow Headed Amazon

This Amazon was a particularly ‘chatty’ fellow who would talk non-stop all the way over to see vet, Dr Neil Homer-Forbes, but after receiving the necessary injections in his chest to treat Psittacosis, he was always very quiet and in obvious discomfort on the homeward journey.

Once LLLT was applied, whilst it doesn’t treat Psittacosis, it did help to greatly settle the irritation surrounding the site of injection  –  much to both his and his owner’s delight.



This little Cockatiel had suffered repeated, self-mutilation resulting in loss of feathers, open wounds, tightening and denaturing of tissue  –  all of which, in turn, became a source of ongoing irritation

    LLLT application helped enable the tissue soften, recover, become less irritating                         …  and even encourage some feather regrowth !!




 Lesser Spotted Eagle
(VULPRO, South Africa)

This beautiful Eagle was brought into VULPRO, South Africa, whilst I was working out there.   With a wing obviously broken, LLLT was used pre and post operatively to help speed the recovery and enable an early release of this magnificent bird


Grey Heron
(JWV  –  Johannesburg Wildlife Vets)

This Grey Heron was brought into the JWV Hospital, Johannesburg, with lacerations to its legs from pond netting


Cape White Eye Fledgling  F (5g)
(JWV  –  Johannesburg Wildlife Vets)




These tiny birds often get caught by cats…    fortunately early attention resulted in a happy, chirpy little girl !!