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BUPA now covers Acupuncture  !!

At long last BUPA have recognised the benefits of Acupuncture…
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Acupuncture: No scientific research whatsoever?   here


 2021  ONLINE  COURSES  !!
Not to be beaten by Covid 19, click on the image below to check out the Courses already scheduled to be held Online for the remainder of this year…



The Lightworks Clinic is dedicated to it’s Clients  …  both Human and Animal !!

We deliver a fusion of East and West therapeutic modalities, combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with the gentle but effective tissue healing properties of Low Level  Laser Therapy, or to give it is new name

….  Photobiomodulation  !!

With more than 30 years experience our Professional Team are Specialists in

Traditional & Laser Acupuncture
Low Level Laser Therapy
Medical Thermography
Veterinary Low Level Laser Therapy

              This unique combination of therapies can help assess and treat a wide variety of conditions in both the Human and Veterinary fields, including

Back Pain, Migraines and Arthritis
Sports Injuries, Fractures and Muscle/Tendon problems
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Post Stroke and Paralysis
Wound Healing
(including Legs Ulcers, Pressure Sores, Acne and Cold Sores)
Smoking Cessation and Addictions
Constitutional and Emotional Problems
(from simple worry to anxiety or grief)

Please note, all animal treatments legally require prior Veterinary permission before treatment sessions can commence

Please contact us if you have any queries :

07712 778378


How to find Us …

Just off J13 of the M5, within easy reach from Stonehouse, Stroud, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bristol and Bath ….. The Lightworks Clinic is situated in lush green countryside on the edge of the village of Westend, just outside Stonehouse.

It is part of a beautifully restored farm complex, that offers clients the opportunity to relax and recoup in calm and peaceful surroundings

Call in confidence for further details
07712 778378



Courses & Events Diary

 Full details of all 2021 Online Courses can be found on the above link
Human, Canine and Equine Laser Therapy Courses 
Introduction to Canine and Equine Laser Acupuncture Courses


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